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Love and Peace for All

Lono God of Peace is a hawaiian jewelry shop started in 2005. Our hawaiian jewelry design is a mix of traditional of Hawaiian and current fashion jewelry. They are handcrafted by top craftsmen in Hawaii with a delicate and sophisticated design. Our hawaiian jewelry sends the message: “love and peace for all” from Hawaii.


About Hawaiian Jewelry

Queen Liliuokalani

Hawaiian jewelry is a nomenclature that omits “Hawaiian air room jewelry” and the air room means an heirloom that is inherited from generation to generation.

There are various legenda of the origin of Hawaiian jewelry, but most are related to Queen Liliuokalani of the Hawaiian royal family interacting with the British royal family.

One account of the origin of the jewelry is that in 1861, after the death of Duke Albert, husband of Queen Victoria, wore mourning jewelry, (sentimental jewelry for mourning) that was jet black, symbolizing the mourning of her husband. Women in the British royal family did the same.

Queen Liliuokalani, who had exchanged with the British royal family, wore a gold bracelet engraved hawaiian words, “Ho’omana’o Mau” (Lasting Remembrance) adorned with black enamel and English lettering. She decided this jewelry to be the jewelry of mourning. This was said to be the beginning of Hawaiian jewelry.

Another theory is that in 1887, Queen Liliuokalani gave a gold bracelet to the British royal family when she visitied the UK with Queen Kapiolani.

Each of the bracelets were engraved with their name in old English lettering. After that, it is said that she made the same type of bracelets in Hawaii.

One more interpretation is that Queen Liliuokalani sent a head teachet at an all girls school a bracelet engraved “Alohaoe”, the song that she had composed. The bracelet she wore had became popular among the girls and they all desired to wear one.

Hawaiian jewelry became a meaningful gift because of Queen Liliuokalani. People began to give Hawaiian jewelry to parents, children, lovers and friends.

Now, hawaiian jewerly is fusing Hawaiian nature with motifs spread throughout the islands. It has become a jewelry staple loved by many people.

Lono – God of Peace and Love

In Hawaiian mythology, there were 4 great deities who were brothers, Lono, Ku, Kanaloa, and Kane. Lono, god of peace and love, sent two of his brothers as messengers to find him a wife on earth. They traveled from island to island until they came upon the beautiful Laka who dwelled in a breadfruit grove. Lono then descended to earth on a rainbow to marry her, and Laka became the goddess of the Hula.

Lono witnessed the Polynesian tribes warring over land and power with the bloodshed staining the crystal blue seas a crimson red. Aware of the growing divisions amongst these once united people, Lono was deeply saddened. In hopes that she could restore peace, Lono made great winds blow and formed clouds that burst with rain. The lands became fertile and the grains plentiful, bringing abundance to all of the Hawaiian islands and the feuding to an end. Once again, peace prevailed. Lono, god of peace and love, of the harvest, of fertility…Lono…