history of lono In Hawaiian mythology, there were 4 great deities who were brothers?Lono, Ku, Kanaloa, and Kane. Lono, god of peace and love, sent two of his brothers as messengers to find him a wife on earth. They traveled from island to island until they came upon the beautiful Laka who dwelled in a breadfruit grove. Lono then descended to earth on a rainbow to marry her, and Laka became the goddess of the Hula.?

Lono witnessed the Polynesian tribes warring over land and power with the bloodshed staining the?crystal blue seas a crimson red. Aware of the growing divisions amongst these once united people, Lono was deeply saddened. In hopes that he could restore peace, Lono made great winds blow and formed clouds that burst with rain. The lands became fertile and the grains plentiful, bringing abundance to all of the Hawaiian islands and the feuding to an end. Once again, peace prevailed. Lono, god of peace and love, of the harvest, of fertilitycLonoc